Zach Wilson Postgame Press Conference (10/31) | New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals | NFL

QB Zach Wilson speaks with reporters following the game against the Bengals.

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What Should the Packers Do About the Offensive Line?

It is apparent that the Packers’ offensive line is going to be the weak link that avoids them from getting anywhere this period. The most discouraging component is that we have some locations of unbelievable stamina on our group. And ultimately it will certainly suggest nothing because the Packers can not block any person. At the very least the OTs can not obstruct anybody.

Pressure Off Packers

At the very least the Packers need to not need to encounter the stress of high expectations now. I believe that might have had a part in all the charges and also went down passes. The only advantage to find out as well as making it very clear that you are a not an excellent group is that the assumptions are lowered. Maybe our linemen could be able to play a bit extra loose. I am attempting really hard to discover a positive side right here.

Packers Are a Really Long Way From the Super Bowl

I can not believe exactly how deceived I was by the pre-season. I actually thought the Packers prepared to handle the globe and kick the crap out of Brett Favre. Just how incorrect I was. The main trouble that the Packers have is their blocking.

Bengals Beat Packers 31-24

I got up today assuming that the Packers were going to have an easy game which they would be transferring to 2-0. I assumed this since the Packers looked so dreadful last week versus the Bears. I assumed that they would have a whole lot to prove and come out ready to whip up on the Bengals to retrieve themselves. This did not take place due to a lots of mistakes that consist of even more dropped passes, fines, and definitely no blocking in advance.

Packers Have Key Injuries Already

Among the gamers on the Packers injury listing for Sunday’s video game the Bengals are Bigby, Clifton, Blackmon, College, Crosby, Jackson, Jennings, as well as Raji. Several of the injuries are not significant, yet it is the beginning of a significant fad that always appears to be a factor with the Packers. We continually shed a whole lot of players to injuries.

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