Titans Top Plays from Week 4 vs. Jets | Tennessee Titans

Check out the Titans best plays from the Week 4 matchup against the New York Jets.

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The Quarterback

Some people think the quarterback is one of the most essential position on a football group. What do you believe?

Who Is the Babe Ruth of the NFL?

When you consider the history of baseball, one of the first, otherwise the initial, name that enters your mind is Babe Ruth. Is Ruth the finest baseball player of perpetuity? Most likely not, however he is unquestionably the poster boy for baseball. Basketball has Michael Jordan. Hockey has Wayne Gretzky. Football has … well I’m not exactly sure football has a clear cut Babe Ruth.

Chip Kelly Is Anything But Reckless

Calling Oregon head football coach Chip Kelly careless is no different than calling Copernicus, Abraham Lincoln or Joseph Lister reckless. During Copernicus’ time, traditional knowledge was that the Earth went to the facility of the Solar System. Copernicus, as opposed to accepting that usual belief, made a decision to consider various other opportunities and also eventually verified that actually the Sunlight went to the facility of the Solar System.

Tim Tebow – The Most Interesting Man In The World!

Sorry, Dos Equis beer guy, you are no longer one of the most fascinating man in the world. That identified honor now mosts likely to Jesus in cleats, or Cletus. Previously called Tim Tebow or The Tebownator.

Travis Williams’ Kick Starts the Heart of Packers Opponents

Travis Williams revised history as a kick returner in his Packers novice year. Not only did he slip past the best returner of all-time who was lodged in a job year of his own, however Williams raised bench so high that no one has seriously tested his mark in the years given that.

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