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Pats Lineman Went Undercover For DEA

When the Medication Enforcement Firm wants you, they’ll go through painstaking steps to get you. Even if that suggests ‘turning’ a 6’4″, 315-pound offending lineman. Nick Kaczur, right tackle of the New England Patriots, purportedly used a recording device to gather proof against a Massachusetts supplier in three different acquisitions of the pain reliever OxyContin. Although he was not called in the court papers as a result of keeping the discretion of informants, the attorney for Daniel Ekasala specified that the 28 year-old NFL gamer was in truth the person involved. This came from Kaczur’s arrest in April on ownership of the unlawful painkiller oxycodone.

Restoring a Memory – 1972 Dallas Cowboys

1972 Chiquita NFL Slide. A comprehensive take a look at bring back a 36 year-old collectible, as well as it’s historic significance in the NFL.

Rule Changes For the 2008 NFL Season

Well, it appears like the excitement of the Giants’ amazing triumph over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII is lastly beginning to pass away down, as well as NFL followers are already obtaining prepared for the upcoming 2008 NFL Football Period. When a new NFL period is being developed, the present regulations are constantly looked at and efforts to boost them take area.

2008 San Diego Chargers Draft Report

The San Diego Chargers have been strong over the last few years with one exemption. Their ability to complete off the message season. Annually they want to find the ability that understands exactly how to complete. Learn where they believe their holes are and how they are connecting them up. Maintain in mind an 11-5 period like in 2014 is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed of.

2008 Oakland Raiders Draft Report

The Oakland Raiders finished last season at 4-12 in the weak AFC West. This division could be sent out into a rude awakening with a few of the talent the Raiders got in the draft. They will certainly still need to battle past the strong Chargers yet the Broncos and Chiefs are playing at the exact same degree.

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