Robert Saleh Postgame Press Conference (11/14) | New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills | NFL

Head coach Robert Saleh speaks with reporters following the Bills game.

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The Best Sport

It’s a crisp afternoon as well as you are being in the bleachers evaluating a gamer scattered football field. You have a hotdog in one hand and your soda in the various other.

NFL Players And Money

Among the questions people constantly ask me regarding being an NFL player is, “what is it like making a lot money at such a young age?” I need to claim that it is very challenging to go from being young and having no money to being young and also a millionaire because you do not know exactly how to be financially accountable.

The NFL Bad Boys and the Good Things They Do

The media enjoys to slam the poor children of the NFL. Players such as Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are made to resemble spoiled and obnoxious jerks by the media. As sporting activities followers, you find out about their substantial multi-million dollar contracts as well as their issues on as well as off the area. I wish to discuss the many terrific points the “poor kids” of the NFL do to make this globe a far better area.

Carson Palmer – 2001 Draft Day Picks

Carson Palmer was born on December 27, 1979 in Fresno, The golden state. Although Palmer does not have the athleticism of several of the other wonderful NFL quarterbacks, he has everything that he requires to prosper. This includes having a strong arm, excellent pocket presence, as well as being just one of the smartest quarterbacks in the organization.

Alex Smith – 2001 Draft Day Picks

Alex Smith was born upon May 7, 1984 in Seattle, Washington. While Smith has not always had the physical features of several of the various other quarterbacks of his time, he has actually been able to advance with the football ranks with large decision, effort, as well as a fantastic mind. However this is not to say that Smith does not have any kind of athletic capability. Throughout his career he has actually been known as both a running and also passing quarterback.

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