Robert Saleh Postgame Press Conference (10/31) | New York Jets vs. Cincinnati Bengals | NFL

Head coach Robert Saleh speaks with reporters following the Bengals game.

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The CFL Needs to Change Some Rules

The Canadian Football Organization (CFL) is in risk of losing most of their fans in Canada in support of the National Football Organization (NFL) in the USA. Numerous of the guidelines that the CFL plays under have no basis in logic or justness to both teams.

Surprises in the NFL – Week 3

There were fairly a few shocks last weekend throughout the NFL football games being played. This write-up will be concentrated on both greatest shocks (in my mind) that occurred during the recently of football. The very first surprise I wish to go over is the truth that the Pittsburgh Steelers in some way shed in Cincinnati.

Woodson is Playing Very Well For the Packers

Charles Woodson goes to the really leading of his game right now. He goes to the age when he will begin obtaining a little slower annually, yet his reactions and mental parts of the game go to their outright optimals. He has 2 interceptions up until now this year and also he returned one of them for a touchdown versus Cincinnati. As well as despite the fact that he looks so good, it will end up being really unsatisfactory for Packer fans.

Packers Vs Rams Prediction

This is a truly tough one to call. It is hard for me to predict that the Packers will certainly beat any individual this year after they looked so bad versus the Bengals of all teams. Yet on the various other hand, the Rams have actually likewise looked truly poor.

McCarthy Better Clean Up All the Packer Mistakes

I am going to look past the offending line generally in this write-up. There is not a lot that mentoring can do to make our OTs any far better than they currently are. Nonetheless, there is a whole lot that training can do to solve went down passes as well as all the fines.

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