OC Darrell Bevell & DC Joe Cullen meet with the media during Week 9 | Jaguars Media Availability

OC Darrell Bevell & DC Joe Cullen meet with the media during Week 9 of the 2021 NFL season before the matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

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Scarlet Knights Escape Disaster

Rutgers ran away a catch video game Sunday night versus Connecticut. The magical run of the Scarlet Knights proceeds with the Louisville Cardinals impending next.

Buy, Watch or Pass – Week 8

Weekly, I will analyze some of the more unknown top performers in Dream Football. Below are the names I found in Week 8.

NFL: Suicide Attempt Rumors of Player Denied

A police record showed that the Dallas Cowboys receiver, Terrell Owens, had actually tried to overdose on prescription pain reliever …

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In order to help players the League might quickly permit visiting groups the benefit of a helmet-to-helmet cordless communication system …

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

Football is one of the most prominent sport in the globe with its grand stage, the Globe Cup every 4 years. Much of the world’s players can come to be significant celebs if they do well during the World Cup. Fans will take a trip around the world simply to make sure that they see their favored team play. This kind of exhilaration can not be replicated by any kind of other sporting activity anywhere in the world.

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