“It’s All About Our Mindset” | LB CJ Mosley Media Availability | The New York Jets | NFL

LB CJ Mosley speaks to the media ahead of the team’s Thursday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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Quarterback Drills

I was chatting with a Major university football employer and I asked him what they search for in a Senior High School Quarterback. He stated 4 things! The first point they try to find in a quarterback is mental as well as physical sturdiness.

Coaching Quarterbacks

Trainers never want to second-guess them or make them look bad before their colleagues. if you do it makes really hard for them to be the leader in the huddle. It is crucial for the qb to have huddle leadership

College Football – So Who Is Really Overrated? Hawaii (8-0) or Washington (2-6)

I simply love to tease Hawaii, I guess since the Warriors are such a very easy mark to find as a grossly overrated group. All season I have been saying that Washington (Hawaii’s last opponent this season) has none of the stats however is a much better group as well as will beat Hawaii on its home turf December 1. The stats, nonetheless, favor Hawaii hands down.

College Football Enjoys Parity – Only 10 of AP Top 25 Poll Teams Have Remained Alive All 9 Weeks

Exists parity in the 2007 college football period? My evaluation reveals only 10 of the preliminary AP Top 25 Poll teams have continued to be in the Top 25 during the first 9 weeks of the season. Overall, no much less than 44 teams have been represented in the AP Top 25 Poll in the first 9 weeks of the period, that is 37% of the 119 Division 1-A groups qualified for the AP Poll voting by the country’s elite sports writers and broadcasters.

31 Teams Slept on the Patriots

The limited salary cap has actually influenced groups that require key gamers. The Patriots have removed shoot individualities and also integrated them into their system of winning. Construct teams with good players as well as technique so winning can be possible.

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