“Gotta Be Where Your Feet Are” | 2-Minute Drill: Marcus Maye | The New York Jets | NFL

Senior reporter Eric Allen is joined by safety Marcus Maye to discuss what a trade deadline day is like for a veteran, why New York means so much to him and more.

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Coaching Flag Football

Discover a seasoned train’s suggestions on effectively training flag football. Rather than getting lost in complex plays, provide your group the standard tools to understand their placements. Flag football is regarding educating the large picture of the video game to children- from gamesmanship to place tasks.

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This article will be about the Hooligans in the sport of football in the UK. I will be looking into truths and also figures concerning the entire issue in the football video game.

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Moms and the NFL

One very important aspect of becoming an NFL player that is often forgotten is the value of a professional athlete’s mother. I am the initial to confess that if it was except my mama, my desire for coming to be an NFL player would certainly never ever have come to life. In this post, I intend to thank my mommy for all that she has provided for me.

Why You Have to Film When You Are Coaching Youth Football and How to Get Good Film

Game film is an indispensable tool when coaching youth football. This write-up will certainly clarify why and also provide your filmer some tips so the movie that you do make use of, offers you the information you require to boost your young people football team. To start with movie never lies, it tells the fact and never makes blunders.

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