Falcons offense, Taysom Hill & New Orleans Saints | Falcons Audible Podcast

Derek, Dave and DJ dive into the Falcons loss to the Carolina Panthers, discuss the Falcons offense, share their perception of this Falcons team, look back on their favorite Saints stories and look ahead to the Falcons taking on Taysom Hill and the New Orleans Saints.

(00:00) Intro
(00:45) Upcoming Topics
(01:22) What’s the Headline?
(3:50) Falcons offense
(12:00) Perception of the Falcons
(15:51) Taysom Hill & Saints
(19:30) Saints Stories
(26:40) Keys & Final Thoughts

Falcons Audible presented by AT&T: Each week, host Derek Rackley and former Falcons quarterbacks Dave Archer and DJ Shockley will talk about the Falcons, the NFC South and the biggest storylines around the NFL. More than a breakdown of the past game, Derek, Dave and DJ will share stories, provide their takes on the biggest storylines, and talk about the mean for the weeks ahead.

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How to Get 400% More Reps Out of Your Youth Football Practice Time

You can Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Offensive Reps When Mentoring Young People Football Among the keys to coaching youth football successfully is to be very effective with your football method time. Because my groups constantly practice less than our competition, this is twice as essential for us. There are a few easy methods to getting considerably more group offensive associates when practicing your football uses air or perhaps during fit-and-freeze reps. sharifcrish. Obtaining Young People Football Athletes to Quit Is this the goal of some young people football trainers? Often I wonder. A wonderful method to get youth football gamers to quit is to put them in a scheme that they have no opportunity of performing well.

Why Youth Football Players Quit and How to Avoid it

Team Moms in Youth Football – Group mothers carry out a really important task in youth football teams and should be chosen really thoroughly. The reason many young people football trainers just train a year or 2 is due to the fact that the moment commitment and also the moms and dad interaction component simply take as well much out of them. The group mother can be a terrific resource to unburden the youth football train of most of these undesirable duties. For my organization an excellent team mom is a very essential train and also gamer retention tool.

How to Choose the Right Team Mom in Youth Football

Holding Youth Football Players Accountable If you intend to have a fun as well as successful season coaching youth football, you have to hold your players to reasonable requirements. Young people football gamers ought to be held answerable to standards that they can 100% control and also are very important to their safety and security and success. You can’t hold a player answerable to tasks that call for considerable sports expertise like capturing a pass or running a 20 backyard dash in 3 seconds or less, yet they can and also must be held accountable to points they can control.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect in Youth Football, More Effective Practice Methods

If there is someone that is Mr. Miami, it’s Don Shula. The train of the Dolphins for virtually ever before, Don Shula, even in retired life, is one of one of the most recognizable faces in sporting activities. As a leader, he knew just how to win, he understood how to carry himself, and he knew how to maintain his gamers disciplined. However, what do you learn about him? Take our test to learn if you make Don Shula happy or if you discover as a dead fish.

Don Shula- How Much Do You Know About Miami’s Main Man?

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