Corey Linsley on Ravens Defense & Justin Herbert, “He’s a stud” | LA Chargers

Chargers center Corey Linsey speaks to the media at his press conference about the development of Rashawn Slater, Justin Herbert, and preparing for the Baltimore Ravens defense.



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McNabb to Rams – Who Should We Believe?

Reports about Donovan McNabb being traded have existed the whole offseason; nonetheless, none were as near the strength of the other day’s rumor. After Andy Reid lastly admitted that the Eagles would be ready to trade McNabb for the right price, points started to warm up. When Donovan came out and made his “statement,” it got back at hotter.

Jimmy Clausen’s Fall Out of the Top 16 Picks

Jimmy Clausen was once secured as the one quarterback that the Rams might take with the very first total option in the 2010 NFL Draft. The draft will certainly occur April 22nd through the 24th. With a little much less than a month before the 2010 draft, the teams that might pass on Jimmy Clausen appear to be out numbering the teams who could compose him in the preliminary.

Why Not Have the Super Bowl in the Cold Weather?

Football is a wintertime sport, so it’s national championship ought to in some cases be hosted in the winter. The New York City Giants and New York Jets want their brand-new stadium to hold the large game within the next couple of years.

Best Football Books of All-Time

For those people that love football, the period does not end with the Superbowl. With the appearance of the net (as well as even the NFL network), following your favored groups and also gamers, even in the off-season, has never been much easier.

Vince Lombardi – The Man & the Legend

Vince Lombardi was birthed June 11, 1913 in south Brooklyn New York. Vince was a devout Catholic, went to St Francis Catholic Secondary school as well as examined to become a priest. He offered up the concept of ending up being a clergyman and started to play football with a love for the sporting activity that ended up being a profession as well as lifelong enthusiasm.

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