Brandon Staley Locker Room Speech After Chargers Beat Raiders in Primetime, “That was a team win”

Go inside the locker room for Chargers head coach Brandon Staley’s postgame victory speech after the Chargers beat the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football at SoFi Stadium. Game balls are awarded to Jared Cook and Austin Ekeler.



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United States Navy Football – A Very Proud Tradition

Navy football gamers aren’t simply scoring on the stadium, they are likewise a few of the finest acadamians in the country, also. This unique combination of athletics and also academics makes certain that just the most effective of the very best will finish from the USA Naval Academy and end up being the Navy’s finest.

The NFL Lockout Is Turning Everyone Into a Loser – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The decertified NFL gamers association – which is not, I duplicate, not a union – is motivating incoming gamers to miss the organization’s draft celebrations in late April if the present lock-out by owners is still going on. Rather, the not-NFLPA is preparing to have its very own party over the exact same three days at another place in New York City as an alternative for the draftees to ensure that they don’t stroll across the stage at Radio City Songs Hall as well as shake the hand of “the male,” NFL commissioner Roger Godell. This is comparable to a senior high school having 2 separate …

Team Loyalty and My Love Affair With the Dallas Cowboys

Everybody has their reasons they are faithful to their sporting activities team. Whatever the intentions behind fan obligations to their preferred group, these commitments are emotional and can last a lifetime.

Notre Dame’s Historic Football Legacy

College Football might simply be a more prominent sporting activity to view on television then its sibling rival NFL Football. And also it additionally boasts a substantial background, yet of all the university groups that have lent itself to that background, there is one team whose history towers over all others. That College is The College of Notre Dame, as well as its football group has an extremely historic pedigree, as well as its name is The Notre Dame Combating Irish.

Waving the Red Flag on Blaine Gabbert

So I have a theory on quarterbacks – actually skill position gamers in general – as well as just how some of these players end their college occupations in January as forecasted third round choices, as well as come April they in some way make their method to the top of the first round. The concept is simple: The further you obtain from the game tape (time sensible), the less complicated it is to ignore imperfections. From a manufacturing viewpoint, there is definitely nothing that necessitates Blaine Gabbert being the very first player picked in April.

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